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Welcome to the Get Healthy Mega Clinic blog! Fist of all, we wanted to take the time to thank ALL those who have contributed to the first annual Get Healthy Mega Clinic. The need for quality and affordable care in the RGV is great and so many in the community have stepped up to meet that need through their continued support of donations, volunteer work and healthcare provider services. It is only through the selfless sacrifices of the leaders in our community that we have been able to achieve that which has never before been done in our area. We are also working diligently to ensure that the Get Healthy Mega Clinic is an annual event so that no one gets left behind and everyone can receive quality healthcare regardless of their circumstances. We are also starting an initiative to be heard by our politicians and federal and state governments by showing them the tremendous need here in the RGV. We will be keeping the public informed through our regular newsletters and blog posts so be sure to subscribe to this site for all the latest updates and developments.

We have achieved a tremendous response through our social media networks and TV and radio marketing efforts. We are pleased to now offer sponsorship packages for businesses and independent individuals who would like to sponsor these annual events and initiatives. Please consider ordering a sponsorship package today and become an official sponsor of the Get Healthy Mega Clinic.

We are hoping to be a catalyst for change here in the Rio Grande Valley. Help us plant the seeds of hope for those who need it most. Whatever your expertise is, we need YOU. Get involved and change a life.

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